Our Values

Employee potential.

Employees are the main competitive advantage of the Company. We intend to create all conditions for ensuring the interests of our employees.  Therefore, following values are important for the Company:

– Professional and personal development of employees;

– A fair appraisal of each employee contribution;

– Initiative of employees;

– Creation of a favorable moral and psychological atmosphere and normal working conditions in the workplace.

– Care of employees and their families health and welfare.


We tend to be leaders in all our business activity spheres. We are sure that there are no desperate situations. Finding the ways of solving the problems – that is our main task.

We have a “combative spirit”: we are confident in our abilities and will be able to solve any problem faster and better than our competitors will; referring to difficulties we do not stop halfway, instead we achieve the intended goal.


We strive to communicate with each other without any unnecessary bureaucratic procedures of coordination, without documents sighting and agreeing on the cooperation through direct communication.


Relations within the Company are based on the employees direct interests to the work results. Exactly this passion leads them to become professionals in various fields. To make the best decision, to give proper advice within his competence is a matter of honor for every employee of the Company. All decisions in the Company are made in terms of competence and expediency, but not for the sake of someone’s ambitions, interests or lobbying.


Innovation refers to the any Company activity aspect:

marketing, logistics, financial activities, general recruitment policy,

IT technologies, etc. We particularly value employees, enlisting them in the personnel Reserve and key personnel who are «know-how” knowledge holders and aim at further development of their skills and abilities and their application in practice within the Company. We have created a system of continual learning, retaining and transmission of the gained experience, as well as mastering the world achievements in the different business spheres.

Customer centricity.

Customer centricity- is the Company ability to derive additional benefit by means of service quality, keen understanding and effective satisfaction of the target customer needs. The target customer is a Company priority for the long term. Company employees are also refer to that «customer target» statement.


Equality of positions – relations with the distributor and the customer, in which there is no dominance of one of the parties at any stage. We are ready for an open dialogue; as we consider the opinions of our customers and business partners to be extremely important for us.

Fairness and Honesty.

Fairness and honesty form a respectful attitude towards our Company for many years.

Due to these principles, we build relationships, with both “internal” and “external” customers. We do not give ineffective promises and always clearly carry out the responsibilities. We take responsibilities for the things we are able to do. Therefore, we expect abidance of each client, business partner, and first of all each Company employee by these principles.


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    +91-0124 4202 936


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