In 1991, a team of professionals with fundamental knowledge and competencies entered the pharmaceutical supply market – it was the EVOLET company.

The accumulated experience in distribution, marketing, outsourcing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, an innovative approach of management and optimization of business processes have given us an opportunity to enter the international market and become a symbol of a healthy lifestyle in more than 20 countries in less than a quarter of a century.

EVOLET maintains steady partnership relations with leading manufacturers, gradually expanding its range of competencies. By 2011, this allowed us to cover almost the full range of services in the pharmaceutical sector and develop further.

Brand Logo

Each letter in the word EVOLET has a special meaning:

Evolutionary – evolutionary development of mankind and each individual is an inspiration for us, and an impetus for the development of scientific activity. We utilize many years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals to develop high-quality medicinal product.

Versatile – versatility of work approach allows our company to launch pharmaceutical products into the markets even in regions that are distant from production facilities, as well as promote them using established communication channels.

Opportunity – opportunity for development, present in every manifestation of life, acts as a driver for the development of each element of our company and society as a whole.

Loyalty – loyalty, perseverance and invariance in the performance of our duties is expressed in the commitment to our profession, country and in serving people.

Enthusiasm – enthusiasm and motivation are important resourceful states for our colleagues. Professionals of their craft are bound up with their job, performing it at a high level, with love, and most importantly, with pleasure!

Together – together we develop, together we move forward. For us, the crucial thing is to think not only about well-being of ourselves, but also about the development and improvement of elements of business processes, technologies, production operations, making everyone healthier.

Slogan “Faith in a healthy future”

The slogan shows social responsibility in the process of expanding the company and commitment to health care. We believe in a healthy future for present and future generations by providing high-quality medicinal products to all stratums of the population in all countries.

Our goal is to focus on solving the problems of the healthcare system as a whole. By maintaining the quality of our products, we open up vast opportunities for our partners to develop the pharmaceutical industry.

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annual turnover in 2022
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To contribute to the protection and preservation of health of as many people as possible by providing high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.


To achieve a stable leading position in the markets of our presence and in the long term on a global scale.


Over the years, our company has developed core values, which include: respect, team spirit, innovation, responsibility, professionalism, self-realization, efficiency, trust.

Corporate culture is at the top of our priorities. We believe in the power of diversity and mutual respect, we strive to ensure that our employees work in an inclusive environment and constantly develop.

Achievement of an annual turnover of $237 million
Launching of a new manufacturing line in India
Opening up new markets in the regions of SEA, CIS and Latin America
Commencement of providing a full range of services in the pharmaceutical industry
Inclusion of the brand into the pharmaceutical ratings of the operating countries
Organization of a 3PL warehouse in the European Union
Achievement of annual turnover of $80 million
Establishment of “EVOLET Healthcare” as a holding company
Achievement of annual turnover of $25 million
Beginning of commercial operations in Asia