EVOLET from the Scandinavian language means "promise of life" — these words are the best characterization of our company. This promise is our responsibility we take to society.

Brand Legend

In 1991 a team of professionals with the knowledge and competence in the pharmaceutical industry has entered the market of supply of Pharmaceutical product supply under EVOLET brand. Accumulated experience in manufacturing, outsourcing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, innovative approach of managing and optimizing business processes has allowed us to become actively present in more than 20 countries in less than a quarter of a century.

We maintain strong partnership with leading manufacturers, gradually increasing our range of competencies that allowed us to cover a full range of services in the pharmaceutical industry by 2011.

Brand Logo

Each letter in the word EVOLET symbolizes a special meaning:

Evolutionary – the development of scientific activity using long-term experience in pharmacological research has provided EVOLET with a unique and modern approach to ensure the quality of medicines.

Versatile – our versatile experience opens up great opportunities for partners and customers: to launch their products in the markets even in remote regions and to promote them with the use of well-established communication channels.

Outsoursing – providing centralized management of the pharmaceutical industry allowing partners to focus on their core competencies, while our team is in charge of manufacturing and marketing.

Logistics – established distribution channels for timely delivery allow us to reduce production cycles and storage space.

Experience – many years of experience have developed our competence in such pharmaceutical fields as marketing research, product registration, product promotion, sales management, development and production of pharmaceutical products, pharmacovigilance, etc., which we are ready to share with our partners.

Together – we grow together with partners, offering them individual solutions for building business processes, developing and improving technologies.

Brand Slogan

The slogan – “Faith in a healthy future” (Faith in a healthy future) - expresses the mission of our company and its employees – to actively participate in the creation of a bright future. Considering our current activities, we focus on a partnership not only with manufacturers, but also with the healthcare systems. We believe that together we can search for solutions that can meet the needs of patients. By maintaining and improving the high quality of products altogether we open up great prospects for our partners in the pharmaceutical industry. For consumers it means the opportunity to purchase effective and affordable drugs. We contribute to improving the quality of life of people around the world by developing our company and its activities.


Mission & Vision

The mission of our company is to contribute to protection and maintenance the health of as many people as possible by providing quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.

Our vision is to take a leading position in the markets where we operate and in the future on a global scale.


During its existence, our company has developed sustainable values that are shared by all employees, regardless of their positions in the company. We hold these values in all our activities and share the same with our customers and partners. They include: Respect, Team spirit, Innovation, Responsibility, Professionalism, Efficacy, Self-realization, Trust.

One of our company priorities is corporate culture. We strongly believe that our power is in diversity and mutual respect and strive to ensure that our employees work in a positive work environment.

Export of pharmaceutical products to countries of the Central Asia.
We have reached $25 million in revenue per year.
Registration of the EVOLET as a holding.
We have reached $80 million in revenue per year.
Acquisition of a 3PL logistics warehouse in the European Union.
Marketing of pharmaceutical products under the EVOLET brand.
Full range of services in the pharmaceutical industry.
Expansion to the countries of the Southeast Asia.
Research and development of new markets in Southeast Asia, the CIS and Latin America.
Export of pharmaceutical products to the countries of Latin America.