EVOLET opens up great opportunities for its partners and customers: to bring their products to markets even in regions far from production, to promote them using built channels of communication with consumers, to improve their quality. Entering the market with better products, companies increase the level of competition, which makes drugs more affordable for the end user. Manufacturers working with EVOLET receive orders in accordance with their production plan, which allows them to grow their business and improve production technology. In order to be able to provide services of this level, we are constantly improving the scientific, production and legal base of the company, introducing innovative approaches in business processes and closely monitoring the development of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Our partners

The activities of EVOLET cover many sectors of the pharmaceutical industry: we develop and manufacture high-quality drugs under registered trademarks, conduct research and marketing research, help our partners enter new markets, improve their products and increase sales in pharmacy chains and medical facilities.

Advantages of cooperation with EVOLET:

For manufacturers

Our company has significant experience in production management and can provide our partners with necessary number of orders.

For pharmaceutical promotion companies

We provide a range of services for marketing analysis, product portfolio selection, product improvement, logistics and wholesale and retail sales management.

For distributors

EVOLET’s portfolio includes a huge number of products from different categories with one of the best price-performance ratio on the market.

We are open to offers

We believe in a healthy future that will be accessible to all people, and therefore we are ready to share our many years of experience in the global pharmaceutical market.

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