Global presence

Global presence

Evolet has significantly expanded its borders, quickly opening new regional operations in economically developing countries for a long time. In strict sequence, we have achieved impressive influence in many countries of the World, despite economic indicators, expected profit or complexity of the task. Work on the significant development of our company in Latin America and Africa will be carry out in the nearest future.


Company development

During the Company existence period, it has concluded a large number of contracts, and continues to conclude them with various partners from Europe, Russia and Asia, as well as with other countries that are in the sphere of medicine manufacture, nutrition supplements, cosmetics and the development of medical equipment.

For many years, Evolet has been consistently working with its partners, showing confident and high results. We care not only about the health of people, but also the welfare of our partners, actively promoting and expanding the boundaries of our business. We are open for contacts, business interaction and therefore always welcome new ideas, constructive proposals and reliable partners.

Working in the spheres that provide the basic needs of people and are responsible for the most valuable  that a person has, we are guided by the philosophy of generating good, and every day we unite the efforts of our employees and partners for the sake of people’s welfare.


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    +91-0124 4202 936


    +91-0124 4202 936


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