History and Brief


EVOLET is a group of companies engaged in outsourcing in the field of manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, including development, supply, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products under its own registered brands in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and SEA (South Eastern Asia) countries. Founded in 1992, Evolet has its main office located in London, UK, and today operates in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Years of experience with pharmaceutical products together with innovative approach to business processes in the sector allow us to achieve strong performance. Providing quality services is a number one priority in the development of our company.

We offer long-term partnerships in representing pharmaceutical companies who wish to increase their products’ awareness and sales in pharmacies and medical environment. We perform entirely on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers who outsource their direct marketing functions to us. Our strength lies in our effective team of representatives and our huge network of partner pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. EVOLET aims at the provision of any products for improving the quality of health throughout the world.

Our area of expertise includes, but is not limited to recruiting, organizing and managing sales and medical field forces to promote pharmaceutical products in drug stores, hospitals and doctors’ offices.

We possess the knowhow and the means to:

  • build, train and equip for work with our client’s in our intervention zones and net of representatives;
  • promote client’s product using our own net of representatives and our own media, which provides the biggest cost-savings in direct marketing activities in our country, and possibilities of additional benefits;
  • research your product competition in the CIS and SEA pharmaceutical markets;
  • provide daily-accumulated data regarding different factors about substitutes or similar products (similar in price, target, indications, etc.)