About us

Evolet – an international, dynamic company that successfully specializes in manufacturing and outsourcing of pharmaceutical products. Years of experience with pharmaceutical products and innovative approach to business processes in the sector, allows us in developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class pharmaceutical products and services in the health care arena.

Evolet was founded by professionals with extensive global experience in manufacturing, outsourcing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The management team of our company constantly monitors innovations in the pharmaceutical products to meet the continuous and ever-increasing demands on pharmaceutical products across the globe.

Evolet maintains strong alliances with leading manufacturers in India. A key part of our business strategy is to collaborate with partners with complementary skills- “A Win-Win” strategy that strengthens and offers a mutually beneficial working relationship and future business opportunities through collaboration and a strong strategic alliance.

Essential Services

The list of services we provide are constantly expanding. However, we will not be changing what our customers love about us and what has made us successful thus far – providing high quality products and services that go above and beyond.

With the improved in quality and level of services, and with the continuing introduction of innovation techniques, Evolet is able to provide the following services:

  • Wide range of selection of drugs in all therapeutic groups
  • Affordable and stable prices from leading pharmaceutical plants
  • Development of dossiers for generic products
  • Innovative approaches in settlement of the technical aspects at all stages
  • Timely and high-quality manufacturing
  • Design, packaging and product design according to customer requirements
  • Providing all the necessary documents for registration of pharmaceutical products
  • Registration and trademark protection
  • Transport and storage logistics of the products
  • Assistance in registration of drugs
  • Services in the sphere of promotion of pharmaceutical products

Moreover, we offer customized solutions for each partner of our company